Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holberg wins Fuerteventura Open

Adam Holberg had no problems handling handsome Dane Claus Holmen a severe beating at the Fuerteventura Singles finale.
Holberg - looking fitter and healthier than Holmen - played a smart, nearperfect game letting the tiredlooking Dane do all the mistakes.
Rumors of Holmen partying in the Carelejo nightlife, while he should have been to bed like fellow SlamBangian competitors, seemed to be comfirmed in the finale as Holmen played well below par leaving the fresher Holberg an easy target for sneaky counters out of Mr. Holmens reach.
"I congratulate Mr. Holberg. I´ve got no excuses for my poor performance today - but I look forward for tonights big celebration !", Mr. Holmen announces after the game.

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