Monday, February 08, 2010

Per Holmen recovering from Malmö disaster.

Recovering from the horrible frostbite conditions contracted at Ribersborg, Sweden during the ritual SlamBangian Cleansing at the cold waters of the Ôresund strait on january 9 - Santorian Tennis Meistro Per Holmen (pictured) expresses his gratitude for the initiative of "certain humanitarian SlamBangers" to either call of or boycot any SlamBangian Activity that exposes the competitor to pain and danger.
Holmen: "Since I dragged my still deeply frozen limps up from the terrifying waters of Öresund. I have wundered within the remaining capacity of my cool brain leading to my final conclusion, that the motto - no pain, no brain, no gain is abolished !"
By the sacred decree of his holiness The Pope, Osko No. 1 all heterosexual physical activities as tennis, bicycling, bathing and dancing are cancelled untill april 1, when the general meeting at the SlamBangian Copenhagen Convent at BopiBar will decide and define a Codex of SlamBangian Convenience.
Holmen: "Happy to announce that the nice humantarians have invited me to a brotherly SoftBowling event on January 13 !".


DI said...

Shit happens

Jess said...

Hvad er det ?

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Anonymous said...

What is wrong with the man in wheelchair ?

Anonymous said...

Nothings wrong with permand -

Utzekir said...

Blützfrei urzin matseze im Kreekou

Anonymous said...

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