Saturday, January 09, 2010

Yorgos Rasmussios champ again.

Veteran Greek SlamBanger Yorgos Rasmussios captured the Swedish & the world championships defeating former champs Per Holmen, Adam Holberg, Hans Háfjall and Erling Kodex.Tonite at the huge Bellevue Malmö Stadion,

As runner-up, defending WorldChamp Claus Holmen, Mr. Rasmussios won all his matches - both gentlemen having the dissatisfaction of drawing against the talented Preussian, bomber Alexander von GrossenCock.

Santorinian Champion, Per Holmen again played a major role and became the key factor in Mr. Rasmussios´ triumph - when he managed to keep the defending champion at bay in Claus Holmens unsuccesful attempt to reach Mr. Rasmussios´ high tournement score.


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Von G. said...

Tillykke Yorgos. Du er den bedste...... Ser frem til den 13. feb. til noget rigtig dejlig julemad. Vi ses. Von G.

Anonymous said...

Tillykke Yorgos, godt gået.
Bin Hàfjall