Friday, December 28, 2012

Tennis - the best mover ever seen

Claus Holmen will finish the SlamBangian season at the top of the SlamBangian tennis tree.
By Freddie Staire, Ginger Rogers 
And, Australian ex-champ Adam Holberg and Dean Martin (Las Vegas) aside, the handsome Danish WorldChampion is the only player in the field who knows how it feels to win the Cleverfield Australian Championships.
During his time in the sport’s elite, two things – one mental and one physical – have come to define Claus Holmen. When fully engaged he is an incredible battler who plays without fear, and then there is his astonishing athleticism, which has led some experienced judges to describe him as the best mover they have ever seen on a tennis court.
Holmen’s all-round game – his return of serve is perhaps the single most improved shot in tennis of the past 15 years – has amounted to a package that has proved irresistible to the extent that he had bagged 11 SlamBang Titles, an achievement that  Hans Bin Háffjal– who possesses at least as much talent – never has got his hands on.
It has involved much hard work on his part and much sacrifice on the part of his family. The result has been that mighty determined character, which saw him break through 20 years ago when he took the 1992 Rhodos Open.
When Holmen reached the final in Fuerteventura Open  at the end of last year losing to Adam Holberg nobody could have forecast that it would become the greatest start to a season since Per Holmen´s in 1997, with the Dane taking on an air of invincibility.
He won 141 consecutive matches in 2011 before Holberg finally brought him down in the finals at Fuerteventura Open, and carried that form all the way through to the Cleverfield Australian Open Championships which left him with a staggering 164-1 record for the season at the time. He would finish the year with a 170-1 record, and at the top of The 2012 SlamBangian Rankings finishing the year as the World No 1, his reward for winning the Swedish Hetrosexual Male Singles Championships..
A magnetic personality, talented member of boyband "Songs of Dean"  and articulate spokesman for the game, Claus Holmen has the chance to start the SlamBangian 2013 season in style in Malmö at the Svenska Mästerskapen..

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