Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thorshavn comeback

The ‘The Thorshavnian Bomber’, Hans Bin Hafjalls illustrious tennis career peaks on february 14, the date he challenges SlamBangian Heterosexual World Champion Claus Holmen.
Boris Bekkerdotitisonsosn reporting
Hafjall first came to prominence when he reached the final of the Kreta Open junior tournament in 1995. He turned professional instantly and reached the final of the Kreta Open senior tournement 22 hours later.
Early in 1996 Hafjall became the first Thorshavnian to be ranked in the world's top 5. In March of that year though, during a first round match at a tournament at the SwaneMiller Hall, Denmark,  Hafjall slid on the balls of Australian Adam Holberg, severing ligaments in his left knee and forcing him to default the semifinal in order to sail back to Thorshavn to undergo surgery. With the aid of a special chair designed to allow him to practice hitting balls while recovering from surgery, Hafjall returned to competitive tennis just six months later. For this achievement, Hafjall was named the SlamBangian Society´s "Comeback Player of the Year".
In 1999, Hafjall defeated Budapestian phenominan Oskar Kovacs in Buenes Aires, only to withdraw from his next match due to as broken neck. Hafjall had speciel arm designed during his reconvelation allowing him to practice his serve and 7 month later he returned to competive tennis. For this achievement, Hafjall was named the SlamBangian Society´s "Comeback Player of the Year".
On january 2002, he won his first of several victories against Adam Holberg at the Svenska Mesterskapen. Hafjall attained the World No. 4 ranking. Later that year he broke a leg during a first round match at Puerto Rico Open, leaving him out of competetive tennis for 8 month. Again he returned at an astonishing comeback at Argentina Open, an achievement, for which Hafjall was named the SlamBangian Society´s "Comeback Player of the Year".
Unlike everyone else that Hafjall has been battering off the court, WorldMeistro Claus "Handsome" Holmen mixed up his game, fast feets, cannonball serves, charging the net and throwing in short angles. Holmen usually comes out on top and Hafjall is still to get his first victory against the Dane. Hafjall has two sons, one wife, a car, two rackets, a set of well used balls and he now lives in Whiteover, Denmark - but spends most of the winter on a Cararibian cruiseship. He has shown fantastic form since playing at Australia Open last April on the SlamBangian Tour, and may be in for a couple of surprices on february 14.


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