Friday, December 20, 2013

German tennisplayer admits use of drugs

Alexander von GrossenCock has become the first German Tennis player to admit using drugs
The 400 pound giant, who  has competed in Australia, Argentina and Birkerød, told Hillerød Tennis News that drinking was either actively conducted by the Tournement´s organisations or tolerated,  GrossenCock, a Preussian who lives in Hillerød, told the magazine that he began drinking  in a lab destinated at the island  "LorteØen"  in 2005. He confirmed that drugs was stored in the lab under the codename Metaxa or Ouzo.
"Of course, no one forced me to open my mouth for the injections of the performance-enchancing drugs, but the fact that the sponsors, who supplied the things,are now pretending to push for a repay of the bottledeposits forces me to open my mouth again" GrossenCock told Hillerød Tennis News.
The scandal broke in 2010 when authorities seized about 12000 empty bottles in and outside the lab owned by Santorinian SlamBang Champ, Per Holmen. The investigation implicated 8 tennisplayers, 44 australian footballplayers and the 5 members of the Danish boyband "Sons of Dean".  


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