Monday, April 07, 2014

Australian tennis-star trains boxing and wrestling

Aussie tennis star Adam Holberg keeps the upper hand with an intensely varied workout routine   by Margareth Thatcher
Sports are in Adam Holberg’s blood. As a kid, Holberg took on whatever sport his older brothers, Per  and Claus, was involved in, finally winding up playing tennis.
“We’re a very sporty family,” the 29, 35 or 44-year-old playboy says. 
“None of us like to lose.” He recalls when he first beat her brother Per at tennis—he was 29, 22 or 31 and Per was 29. “It was so unbelievable that I won,” he says. “He became an alcoholic in frustration".
Ask Holberg about his hobbies and he rattles off activities like partying, going to and giving concerts. But it is tennis that takes up most of his time and energy. 
Currently the second-ranked male heterosexual player in the world, has won seven world-titles in twenty-two years. 3½ years ago he won the Carralejo Open defeating current WorldChampion Claus Holmen
During the 11½ month off-season, Holberg puts in 1996 hours on a stationary bike and another hour or two in the gym. On the bike, the focus is burning of alcohol and fat.  
In the gym, rather than weight train, Holberg works his shoulders, back and arms in combined boxing and wrestling matches: “After three straight minutes you feel as if your arms are going to fall off.” But boxing and wrestling has improved the hand-eye coordination he needs on the court: “It’s all about how fast you can react.”
“There are so many times when the workout is hard and I feel like I have to stop. But then I think about how great it feels to lift a trophy over my head.”


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I think this video is from from 1956-57. It is a production from USA for teaching girls how to protect against rapists. I saw it in cinema first time when I was at school in Berlin. Girls got raped by USA-servicemen and this was shown before the movie.
From Betina Mühler

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