Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pedro von Holmenberg is a lot of things, but racing comes first

You probably know all about Pedro von Holmenberg,  the tennisplayer and singer. To really get the complete picture of the SlamBangian legend, you have to get to know the racer.
By Mercedes Bentz
29, 41 or 54 year old Pedro is best-known as one of the most famous tennisplayers in the world and founder of the popular boy-band Sons of Dean, which has donated more than 2½ kroner of after-tax bottle-deposit profits to charity since 1995.
But readers of "Tennis News" and "Rapport" likely pays more attention to his third career in auto racing.
Born 29, 41 or 54 years ago, Pedro showed an early propensity for Tennis and won his first SlamBangian Tennis title aged 9, 26, 19 or 36 in 1995 at the Santorino Male Heterosexual tennis Championships. Since he has participated in more than 10 tournements, including  Rhodos Open, Argentina Open, Australia Open, Holte Double Championships and Østrigske Mesterskab.
He has won 3 major tournament titles, The Swedish Championships 1998, World Double Championships 2000 and the Santorinian Title.
Pedro  began racing cars in 1972 when he attended his beloved mother at the Big Mama Auto Stock-Car racing school in Perth, Western Australia.
The experience resonated with Pedro for the rest of his life, to the point that he embarked on a successful third career as a driver.  "I had a great deal of fun playing tennis and singing with my band but I never really had a chance to stretch my legs out and find out what I could do in a car. Mom told me I was born with her natural ability to drive – even while sleeping. ," 
Pedro told SlamBang Tennis news in 1997 after finishing a mountain rally on Santorini with eyes closed.
"Tennis is a lot like racing. It's the same type of discipline -- one and only one person to depend on in your work, on the track or on the court”.
When he is racing, Pedro keeps a low profile at the track and maintains an intense focus on the task at hand. He always races under the name The Thing to avoid drawing attention to his status as a Tennis icon.
Pedro's enthusiasm for racing is so great that he participates in the World Championship GO-Kart 2014 on November 22 at LorteØen.

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