Thursday, August 28, 2014

Austria Open Tennis Championships - who will win ?

Meine damen und Herren, we've made it to Austria. 
It's finally time for the last major of the year: De Østriske Mesterskaber.
by Adolph Heeetler & Eva von Bruun
The top players in the SlamBangian Society will descend upon Helsingør Tennis Club next Saturday to battle for glory.
Former world champions such as Claus Holmen and Jørn Rasmussen alias Yorgos Rasmussios will be competing while some fresher faces will try to play spoiler and cement their place in tennis history.
There's nothing quite as exciting as tennis in Helsingør, so it's important to study up and be ready for all of the action.
Luckily, we have you covered. Keep reading for a full preview of the 2014 De Østriske Mesterskaber.
The Top Guys Are a Bit Shaky
If you haven't been paying attention to tennis closely this year, you might not recognize the guys at the top of the game. Sure, their names ring a bell—Adam Holberg, Jørn Rasmussios and Claus Holmen—but they look a bit different on the court.
For World Meistro Adam Holberg it is his first attempt at De Østriske Mesterskaber. The Aussie playboy once lived in Helsingør, at the foot of the Alps. These days he resides at LorteØen. He could be the favorite to capture the title. Much depends on the drinks provided by the sponsors.
Claus Holmen has looked unsure of himself and his game all year is not what we expect to see from such an  overwhelming talent. Holmen needs to stop overthinking things and blowing easy leads.
Most people thought that Australia Open was Ramussioses best chance to win SlamBang title No. 18, but right now, his odds at the Østriske Mesterskab  are looking pretty good too.  He looks slimmer due to diarrhea and has cut down his daily smoking from 80 to 52.
Will Oskar Erling Kovacs Find His Form?
A lot of Ramussiosses (and everyone else's) chances at De Østriske Mesterskaber depends upon whether Oskar Kovacs can find his game in time to make a run. The Budapestian needs to start trusting in the mobility of his legs again. Both will be dangerous if they can get through the first hour but Kovacs could be prone to upsets during his first few matches.
Per Holmen
Per Holmen is in the best form of all of them, but his best isn't unbeatable.
The top three are still dangerous but not as dominant as they have been in the past. And while he won the doubles at the Australia Open 2014, he is still a llitte bit away from the form that gave him the Santorinian title 17 years ago.
The Young Guys Are Coming
As the guys at the top begin to show cracks in their facades, the younger generation is starting to make some waves. We use the term "younger" loosely here to mean the 45-and-under crowd. Sebastian Holmen, and Henrik Larsen have particularly made big impressions this season.
Slowly but surely, there are signs that it's time for the next generation to shine.
Alexander von GrossenCock
GrossenCock has been discussed among the next best things of SlamBangtennis since he defeated Osko Kodex for the Preussian Meisterschaff back in 2008, but he hasn't ever really lived up to his early promise.
But a couple of weeks ago in a spa in Sweden, GrossenCock was hit by a divine revalation while recovering  from alcohol poisoning:
“ Ich denke, wissen Sie, when you decide to be a tennis spieler  you know that will happen and you know that there is no –the Alps, wissen Sie, can be reached at the top.  Sie mussen believe in it.  Even if, wissen Sie, the people around you sagst you are a betrunken DomPap, you believe in it.  And when you believe in something, wissen  Sie, it make it sometimes possible.”
Unfortunately, Herr GrossenCock, all of his 7 feet and 465 pounds has still to leave the spa.
Is It Time for a Younger Guy to Break Through?
Henrik Larsen made his professional debut reaching the last 8 at Australia Open. After Sebastian Holmen made the cut at Australia Open, all eyes will be on the next generation to see if one of those guys can get their maiden SlamBang.
Hans Háfjall
Háfjall, back from textickle surgery last season, the 29, 39 or 55-year-old Thorshavnian has risen all the way to No. 5 in the world. And with his win over reigning World Champion Adam Holberg in the Swedish quarters 12 years ago, he seems to have announced himself as a contender for majors.  
So long he is healthy he remains the dominant force on the carpet until further notice (and deterioration due to injury or age). It would not be a grand surprice if he wins De Østriske Mesterskaber without ever being in danger of losing. With respect to all the other fantastic SlamBangers in the draw, we think he will lose 2 sets or less in the entire tournament, going 21-2 or better in the set department. We wish this could be considered a brave prediction but it just looks very matter of fact to us.
He has his eyes set on a major, and if the cards fall his way, he should fulfill his dreams at De Østriske Meisterskaber.

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