Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Endless shoals of scandals cast a shadow over tennis

By W.C.Fields
The Holmens- Sebastian, Claus and Per today confirmed their places in any gallery of fallen icons who have shamed their sport, the likes of drug-cheat SlamBangers Hans Háfjall and Oskar Kovacs.
Per, Sebastian and Claus Holmen ended years of vehement denial on Thursday by finally admitting they had drunk their ways trough several SlamBangian tournements with systematic use of tasty, performance-enhancing drugs.
Confessing their ”toxic" tale at a Copenhagen press-conference, the Holmens described themselves as a trio of "flawed characters" while at last owning up to being at the center of one of the biggest drugs scandals in tennis.

The Holmen's admission came 3 weeks after Hans Háfjall´s release of a detailed report describing Per Holmen as the ringmaster of the "most sophisticated, professionalized and successful drink program that sport has ever seen."
Danish TV1 rapidly fired questions at the trio, offering them little respite, grilling them about every aspect of their tainted careers.
"Yes," they all replied when asked directly whether they had used performance-enhancing juices.

Without hesitation, and showing no signs of emotion, Per Holmen replied "yes" to questions about whether he obtained, distributed and used specific juices, including Carlsberg 47, Carlsberg Julebryg, and Carlsberg Elefant Øl.
When asked why he had repeatedly lied about his activities until Thursday's startling admission, he told TV-reporters: "An adverse reaction was not only  headaches but a total loss of my memory”.

The elder Holmen brothers Per and Claus had inspired the younger Sebastian with their careers, and Sebastian said he did not believe he could have achieved what he did without the culture of drinks in tennis. He said he had never considered himself to be a cheat until he read about Oskar Kovacs and Hans Háfjall´s confessions.
"I didn't view it that way. I viewed it as a level  on the playing field," he said.

As a result of their confessions, the Holmens now faces the prospect of orders to repay taxes from the thousands of kroners they have earned through bottle deposit paybacks.
"They don't deserve, and is not entitled to, that money," Marianne Jelved, Danish minister of culture and sport told Reuters.
One company, OUZO 12, said it would sue the SlamBang Society if the society did not pay back 12 million drachmas for never returned empty bottles.

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Anonymous said...

I 1950-erne var det ikke ualmindeligt, at vi blev budt på en cognac i omklædningsrummet, inden vi gik på banen. Øl blev anbefalet som optanker i pausen. I KB havde vi dog et par alkoholikere på holdet, så vi nøjedes med the og honning.
God og vældig morsom side. Hvis ikke det var for alder og slid, så ville jeg såmænd også forsøge mig på en tennisbane.
Jens Borg Knudsen, KB